Experience the Majestic Birds of Prey: A Photography Workshop Like No Other

Unleash your passion for photography as you embark on a thrilling journey to capture the grace and power of birds of prey through your camera's lens. Join us for a unique and exciting photography workshop led by an experienced bird photographer and a professional falconer.

This one-of-a-kind opportunity offers an immersive learning experience where you'll delve into the fascinating world of bird photography and gain insights into the behaviour and characteristics of these magnificent creatures. Get up close and personal with birds of prey as you learn to capture their stunning images while discovering the technical aspects of photography, including lighting, composition, and camera settings.

Designed to cater to all levels of photography expertise, this workshop ensures hands-on experience and provides a supportive environment for both amateur photographers and experienced bird enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in an extraordinary setting, where you'll witness the beauty of birds of prey firsthand and sharpen your photography skills.

During the workshop, we'll meet and select the species of birds you wish to photograph, including Falcons, Owls, Hawks, and Eagles. You'll receive expert tuition on camera settings and learn exciting techniques to enhance your shots. With ample space to capture birds in flight across a large area, you'll have abundant opportunities to capture the perfect shots you desire.

After a delightful buffet lunch (included), we'll witness a captivating flying display showcasing the remarkable talents of these birds in action. Brace yourself for a spectacle you won't want to miss.

We'll conclude the workshop by capturing beautiful portraits of the birds in various static positions. This allows you to create stunning, intimate portraits that showcase their unique personalities and intricate details.

Don't let this incredible chance to enhance your photography skills and immerse yourself in the world of birds of prey pass you by. Join us for a workshop that promises thrilling encounters, unforgettable moments, and the opportunity to create breathtaking images that truly capture the essence of these majestic creatures.

Register now and embark on a photography adventure that will leave you with remarkable images and lasting memories of the mesmerizing birds of prey.

Birds of prey workshop

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