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Finland Photography Holiday - Bears & Wolves

Embark on an unforgettable photography adventure with our exclusive wildlife photography holiday in ..

Iceland Photography Holiday 2024

This once-in-a-lifetime adventure will take you through this remarkable Nordic country's diverse and..


Our Facebook group is a place for learning, sharing your images without harsh criticism and making friends. No question is every 'silly' and we encourage you to progress with your photography with helpful hints and tips.

Each week we post free content, tutorials and live Q&A's around every aspect of photography. When you join our Free Facebook group you will receive access to a number of training units that will help you progress in no time at all. This is a fun, relaxed and enjoyable group that covers everything about the art of photography. 

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If you struggle to remember the camera settings you need to take great photos this app is for you. The Tog Pro app has an extensive library of the right setting to use for every camera and every occasion. Simply enter your camera model, the lens you are using, the lighting condition and the genre and the app will return the optimal settings to use.

It couldn't be easier, so download the Tog Pro app now.

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