Master the Art of Studio Photography: Unlock the secrets of professional studio equipment with our comprehensive workshop. Through simple step-by-step instructions and captivating demonstrations, you'll gain the skills to create stunning images that elevate your portfolio to new heights.

Work alongside a professional model and use the images you capture to enhance your portfolio. This hands-on experience will provide invaluable real-world practice and tangible results to showcase your talent and style.

Immerse yourself in the knowledge of lighting techniques personally handed down by some of the world's most influential photographers. Learn their tried-and-true methods for achieving captivating results, and apply these techniques to your work.

We provide the Tog Pro flash lighting guide, a comprehensive 100-page PDF document to enhance your understanding further. Packed with 1-3 lighting diagrams, accompanying camera settings, and creative pictures for inspiration, this guide will be your go-to resource for mastering flash lighting.

Discover the core principles of flash lighting and explore the equipment used to produce high-quality portraits. With the guidance of our expert instructor, you'll delve into various lighting techniques and have the opportunity to experiment with current equipment. To complete your journey, we'll conclude the day with a demonstration on editing using Adobe Photoshop. Gain insights into post-processing techniques to bring out the best in your images and refine them to perfection.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to delve into studio photography and elevate your skills to a professional level. Join us for this transformative workshop and unlock the full potential of your creative vision.

Portrait Masterclass

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The Workshop Covers

Lighting techniques and modifiers Directing a model
Retouching and post production And more



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