London is a city with endless photographic opportunities, and what better way to capture its charm and diversity than by participating in a street photography workshop?

With the guidance of experienced street photographers, you'll learn how to observe and capture life on the streets, taking stunning and evocative photos of the city's people, buildings, and landmarks.

You'll learn how to anticipate and capture fleeting moments, how to handle challenging lighting situations, and how to use your camera and its settings to get the best results. This workshop is designed for all levels of photography experience and will provide you with the opportunity to put into practice what you learn and receive constructive feedback on your work. This is your chance to explore the streets of London and capture its unique beauty through your camera's lens.

Don't miss out on this unique experience, and join us for this exciting London street photography workshop!

London Street Photography workshop

Date and Location:

The Workshop Covers

Camera settings Camera modes
Lens choice Shooting from the hip
Composition How to see a picture
Taking pictures undetected Boosting your confidence



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