Elevate Your Photography Skills: Join Our Intermediate Photography Workshop

Are you tired of capturing average photos and longing to take your photography skills to new heights? Look no further. Our Intermediate Photography Workshop is tailored for photographers like you who possess a basic understanding of photography but yearn to enhance their abilities and elevate their images.

This workshop delves deep into advanced composition, lighting techniques, and editing methods. You'll gain valuable insights and tools to create stunning photos that leave a lasting impression. Led by our experienced instructor, you'll engage in hands-on exercises, witness live demonstrations, and receive personalized feedback to refine and expand your skills.

With a focus on individual attention, our small class size ensures ample opportunities for you to ask questions, receive one-on-one feedback, and foster connections with like-minded photographers who share your passion.

Join us now and witness your skills flourish in no time. Be prepared to capture extraordinary moments and unveil your potential as a photographer.

Sign up today and embark on a transformative journey that will redefine your photography and set you on a path towards capturing images that truly leave a lasting impact.

Intermediate Masterclass Workshop

Date and Location:

The Workshop Covers

Camera settings for Shooting high dynamic range pictures (HDR) Advanced composition techniques
How to set up a tripod correctly Using Hyper focal distance focusing and charts
Editing HDR images using Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom How to create a HDR image from one file
Attendants will need a tripod to attend this workshop



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