Embark on a captivating journey with our Brown Bear Photography Workshop in Finland, a pinnacle event for wildlife photography enthusiasts seeking an unparalleled experience. This workshop is a doorway into the heart of wildlife photography holidays, designed to bring you face-to-face with majestic brown bears in the pristine wilderness of Finland.

Day 1: Arrival and First Encounter

Begin your wildlife photography tour by departing from London Heathrow to Helsinki before going to Oulu. Check into the renowned Bear Centre, where you'll be greeted with a welcoming dinner, a perfect prelude to the adventure that awaits. As night falls, venture into the specially designed photography hides for your first encounter with Finland's majestic wildlife.

These hides offer an unparalleled wildlife photography experience, allowing you to capture stunning images of brown bears, wolves, and wolverines in their natural habitat. After your nocturnal photography session, enjoy a hearty post-photography breakfast at the Bear Centre. The morning will also feature an image critique session, offering valuable feedback and editing tips to enhance your wildlife photo tour portfolio.

Day 2: Continuous Wildlife Captures

After a day of rest and exploration around the Bear Centre, indulge in another carefully prepared dinner, setting the stage for your second night of wildlife photography. Return to the hides, equipped with the comfort and amenities needed for a productive session. The 24-hour midsummer light provides exceptional conditions for capturing high-quality images, a distinctive feature of wildlife photography holidays in Finland. Following your overnight session, enjoy a satisfying breakfast and partake in another critique and editing workshop, further honing your skills and enriching your wildlife photography experience.

Day 3: Diverse Terrain Exploration

Take advantage of the day to rest and immerse yourself in the serene natural surroundings of the Bear Centre. Enjoy your final dinner before embarking on your last night in the photography hides as the evening approaches. This session emphasises exploring diverse terrains and backgrounds, offering fresh perspectives and dynamic shots of the wilderness. Each hide is strategically placed and equipped to ensure optimal photography conditions, enhancing your wildlife photography tour experience with every shot.

Day 4: Departure with Memories

Your wildlife photography holiday concludes with a final breakfast at the Bear Centre, filled with reflections on the unforgettable experiences and the stunning images captured. Check out and transfer to the airport, carrying memories and a significantly enriched wildlife photography portfolio. As you depart, you'll leave with more than just photos; you'll gain a deepened understanding of wildlife photography, improved skills, and the joy of being part of an extraordinary wildlife photo tour.

Finland Bear & Wolf Photography holiday

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Group size 8 Suitable for beginner, amateur, enthusiast and pro photographers
4 days Professional photographer with you throughout



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